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TRICARE Program Manuals - 2008 Edition (T-3)

These manuals serve for contracts awarded on or after 06/27/2008 for the North, South, and West Regions along with TQMC, CARS, TOP, and TPharm. The manuals will apply to the TDEFIC contract upon direction of the Contracting Officer

TRICARE Operations Manual, Change 135, November 12, 2014

TRICARE Policy Manual, Change 122, November 12, 2014

TRICARE Reimbursement Manual, Change 106, November 4, 2014

TRICARE Systems Manual, Change 69, October 23, 2014

Page Count: 954
Summary of Changes: This change defines TRICARE Certified Mental Health Counselors (TCMHC) for purposes of reimbursement; continues services of TCMHCs and Supervised Mental Health Counselors under the Basic Program Benefits; extends the time frame for mental health counselors to meet the requirements to be considered a TCMHC; and expands the supervision requirements of the TCMHC; and adds a Contract Data Requirements List. This change is published in conjunction with Feb 2008 TOM Change 133, Feb 2008 TPM Change 119, and Feb 2008 TRM Change 105.

Other Manuals

Authority for the TRICARE Program is the 32 CFR 199. DHA is providing a version of Title 32 to the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 199 (32 CFR 199) and 10 United States Code Chapter 55 as a convenience for the DHA community.

32 CFR 199 (2005), Change 63, September 30, 2014

10 USC 55, Change 4, July 3, 2013