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TRICARE/CHAMPUS Operations Manual, Change 101, September 30, 1997

TRICARE/CHAMPUS Policy Manual, Change 21, October 8, 1997

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Summary of Changes: This revisions provides FY 1998 rates and weights to be used under the CHAMPUS-DRG-based payment system and clarifies certain procedures associated with annual update period. It also udpates the ambulatory surgery group payment, per diem rates for RTCs, hospice programs, mental health and partial hospitalization and inpatient active duty dependent cost share for services/care provided on or after October 1, 1997. The change also revises Addendum 2, Table 3 (FY95) to reflect the correct wage indexes. When the Policy Manual was republished, it was inadvertently published with the wrong indexes for FY95. Addendum 2, Table 1 (FY96) is being revised to correct a typo in the wage index for Bakersfield, CA. The change also inserts back the provisions pertaining to transfers prior to October 1, 1995, which were inadvertently deleted from Section 6.1C of Chapter 13.

ADP Manual, Change 62, September 15, 1997