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TRICARE/CHAMPUS Operations Manual, Change 91, July 9, 1997

TRICARE/CHAMPUS Policy Manual, Change 16, July 3, 1997

ADP Manual, Change 60, July 3, 1997

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Summary of Changes: This change changes the name of the Program for the Handicapped (PFTH) to the Program for Persons with Disabilities (PFPWD) and simplifies administration of that program; adds registered occupational therapists in independent practice to the list of CHAMPUS-authorized individual professional providers; provides criteria for cost-sharing telephonic monitoring procedures when data is transferred electronically from the patient's home to a medical practitioner; provides the TRICARE/CHAMPUS definition and recognition of supplemental insurance plans; and adopts the Federal Claims Collection Act and the Federal Claims Collection Standards by reference. This change is made in conjunction with COM-FI Change 91, Jul 1992 OPM Change 90, and May 1996 Policy Change 16.