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TRICARE/CHAMPUS Operations Manual, Change 155, April 19, 2000

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Summary of Changes: This change added the requirement that the Health Integrity and Protection Bank must be notified when a provider is released from a network provider agreement due to adverse cause; deleted Program for Persons with Disabilities as one of the TRICARE benefits for TAMP; states the enrollment fee and the revised effective dates for the Pharmacy Redesign Pilot Program; revised VA reimbursement for pharmacy drug claims; clarified POS provisions in referral to specialty and inpatient services; deleted a requirement under Additional Criteria for Selection of Non-Physician Mental Health Providers; added clarification on services and supplies authorized in error; and added designation of providers as a non-appealable issue. For a detailed list of additional administrative changes, see the transmittal. This change is published in conjunction with Jun 1999 Policy Change 13.

TRICARE/CHAMPUS Policy Manual, Change 13, April 19, 2000

ADP Manual, Change 10, January 19, 2000