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MCSC Operations Manual, Change 11, December 13, 2001

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Summary of Changes: This change clarifies who is eligible for the TRICARE Reserve Family Member Demonstration Project. It also modifies how cost-shares are calculated in certain cases under this demonstration. This change includes a correction to Chapter 8, Addendum B. This change is published in conjunction with May 1999 ADP Change 24 and Jun 1999 Policy Change 31.

32 CFR 199, Change 4, February 6, 2002

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Summary of Changes: Interim Final Rule - TRICARE Prime Remote for Active Duty Family Members.

TRICARE/CHAMPUS Policy Manual, Change 32, December 21, 2001

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Summary of Changes: The policy establishes contractor referral of possible travel entitlements from Prime enrollees requiring specialty care over 100 miles from their Primary Care Manager (PCM).

ADP Manual, Change 25, December 18, 2001