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WEEKEND MAINTENANCE: The maintenance outage is scheduled for June 22nd at 6:00am EST ending NLT Sunday, June 23rd at 11:59pm Eastern EST. The TRICARE Manuals web site may be available intermittently during this period but it's usage is not recommended.

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  • TRICARE Program Manuals - 2021 Edition (T-5)
    • TRICARE Operations Manual 6010.62-M, April 2021
    • TRICARE Policy Manual 6010.63-M, April 2021
    • TRICARE Reimbursement Manual 6010.64-M, April 2021
    • TRICARE Systems Manual 7950.4-M, April 2021
  • TRICARE Program Manuals - 2015 Edition (T-2017)
    • TRICARE Operations Manual 6010.59-M, April 2015
    • TRICARE Policy Manual 6010.60-M, April 2015
    • TRICARE Reimbursement Manual 6010.61-M, April 2015
    • TRICARE Systems Manual 7950.3-M, April 2015
  • Other Manuals
    • 32 CFR 199 (DHA Version), December 2016
    • 10 USC 55 (DHA Version), January 2007
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