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TRICARE Operations Manual 6010.62-M, April 2021
Communications and Customer Service (C&CS)
Chapter 11
Section 1
Education Requirements
1.0  General
1.1  The education of TRICARE beneficiaries, TRICARE providers, and Military Health System (MHS) staff shall be accomplished through a collaborative effort between Defense Health Agency (DHA) and TRICARE contractors. This collaboration ensures information and education about the TRICARE Program, policies, health care delivery requirements, and changes or additions to benefits are effectively provided. Educational activities include research and analysis to determine targeted audience and the provision of educational materials, and training programs and briefings in accordance with Section 2.
1.2  The contractor shall submit contractor-produced educational materials to the Government Designated Authority (GDA) no less than 60 calendar days prior to distribution.
2.1  The contractor shall submit an Annual Education Plan, outlining how it intends to inform and educate TRICARE beneficiaries and providers. For plan submission requirements, see DD Form 1423, Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL), located in Section J of the applicable contract. This plan shall include evaluations of the effectiveness of contractor education efforts, and the use of existing data (when available) to shape education efforts.
2.2  The contractor shall provide in the Annual Education Plan, the functions associated with the deployment of Service Assist Team (SAT) After Action Report, and Beneficiary Satisfaction Report regarding education presentations, customer satisfaction, beneficiary services, beneficiary access assistance, survey results, customer support hour usage, and SAT after action reports.
- END -
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