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TRICARE Operations Manual 6010.59-M, April 1, 2015
Chapter 21
Section 2
Alaska Internal Partnership Program
Revision:  C-107, April 18, 2022
1.0  Background
TRICARE policy, as issued in a memorandum dated June 10, 2002, authorized continued use of Internal Partnership Agreements in the state of Alaska when a Military Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) is unable to provide sufficient health care services for TRICARE beneficiaries through the MTF’s own resources. See Addendum A for the memorandum.
2.0  Policy
2.1  The MTFs in Alaska will use Addendum A as the authority to continue the Internal Partnership Program in Alaska.
2.2  The MTFs will follow the directives in Addendum A to create a business case analysis and the templates attached to the memorandum shall be modified as necessary to reflect current Defense Health Agency (DHA) authority and organization. For example, a request for establishing an Internal Partnership agreement will be coordinated with the DHA Purchased Care Delivery Branch and approval authority shall be executed by the DHA Chief, TRICARE Health Plans (THP).
- END -
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