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TRICARE Policy Manual 6010.63-M, April 2021
Chapter 11
Section 2.6
Psychiatric Hospitals Accreditation
Issue Date:  July 14, 1993
1.0  ISSUE
Psychiatric hospitals accreditation.
A psychiatric hospital is an institution which is engaged primarily in providing services to inpatients for the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.
In order for the services of a psychiatric hospital to be covered, the hospital shall comply with the provisions outlined in 32 CFR 199.6(b)(4)(i). All freestanding psychiatric hospitals shall be currently accredited under the Joint Commission’s (TJC’s) Accreditation Manual for Hospitals (AMH) standards, or an accrediting organization approved by the Defense Health Agency (DHA), in order for their services to be cost-shared. In the case of those psychiatric hospitals that are not TJC-accredited because they have not been in operation a sufficient period of time to be eligible to request an accreditation survey by TJC, the DHA, or a designee, may grant temporary approval if the hospital is certified and participating under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act (Medicare, Part A). This temporary approval expires 12 months from the date on which the psychiatric hospital first becomes eligible to request an accreditation survey by TJC. For further information on accreditation of psychiatric hospitals refer to 32 CFR 199.6(b)(4)(iv).
Figure 11.2.6-1  Program Information New Psychiatric Hospital Pending Accreditation, OCHAMPUS Form 759
Description of Figure 11.2.7-1 - A picture of OCHAMPUS Form 759, titled Program Information New Psychiatric Hospital Pending JC Accreditation.
- END -
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