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TRICARE Operations Manual 6010.59-M, April 1, 2015
TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP)
Chapter 24
Section 24
Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP)
Revision:  C-72, September 10, 2020
All TRICARE requirements regarding the TAMP shall apply to the TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) unless specifically changed, waived, or superseded by this section; the TRICARE Policy Manual (TPM), Chapter 12; or the TRICARE contract for health care support services outside the 50 United States (U.S.) and the District of Columbia (hereinafter referred to as the “TOP contract”). See the TPM, Chapter 10, Section 5.1 for additional instructions.
2.1  TAMP eligible beneficiaries are eligible for the TOP per the enrollment provisions described below.
2.2  The TOP contractor shall determine TRICARE eligibility during the TAMP period based on eligibility in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).
2.3  The military services are responsible for eligibility entries/updates in DEERS.
3.0  Enrollment
3.1  The provisions of TPM, Chapter 10, Section 5.1 regarding the “twentieth of the month rule” for enrollment are waived for the TOP. New enrollments for TOP Prime are normally effective on the date the application is signed. Refer to Section 5 for additional guidance.
3.2  TAMP eligibles who were enrolled in TOP Prime immediately prior to their change in status may continue their enrollment in TOP Prime with no break in coverage. A reenrollment application must be completed prior to the TAMP expiration period in order to continue with TOP Prime. The effective date shall be the date the sponsor separated from active duty, as the intent is to ensure that TOP Prime coverage is seamless.
3.3  10 USC 1145 authorized Military Treatment Facility (MTF) and Civilian Health Care (CHC) for certain Reserve Component (RC) personnel “in the same manner” and “subject to the same rates and conditions” as a dependent of a Service member during the TAMP eligibility period. Transitioning RC personnel who were ordered to active duty under Executive Order 13223, 10 USC 12302, 10 USC 12301(d), or 32 USC 502(f) may either continue in TOP Prime or enroll during the TAMP period per the provisions of 10 USC 1145.
3.4  RC family members who were eligible for TOP Prime during the member’s activation may either continue in TOP Prime or enroll during the TAMP period.
3.5  RC family members who were not eligible for TOP Prime enrollment during the member’s activation (e.g., the member was not ordered to active duty for more than 30 days, or the dependents were not Command Sponsored to accompany the member in their overseas assignment) are not eligible to enroll in TOP Prime during the TAMP period.
3.6  TAMP-eligible members and family members may be auto-enrolled in TOP Select. If not auto-enrolled in TOP Select, TAMP eligibles, including the former Service member may elect to enroll or re-enroll in TOP Prime or TOP Select coverage within 90 days of their eligibility for TAMP.
3.7  TAMP beneficiaries may not enroll in TOP Prime Remote.
- END -
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