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TRICARE Policy Manual 6010.60-M, April 1, 2015
Chapter 11
Section 3.6
Certified Clinical Social Worker (CSW)
Issue Date:  March 1, 1984
1.0  ISSUE
Certified CSWs.
2.1  A certified CSW may provide covered services independent of physician referral and supervision when practicing within the scope of his or her license. The CSW must meet the following criteria:
2.1.1  Is licensed or certified as a CSW by the jurisdiction where practicing; or, if the jurisdiction does not provide for licensure or certification of CSWs, is certified by a national professional organization offering certification of CSWs; and
2.1.2  Has at least a master’s degree in social work from a graduate school of social work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education; and
2.1.3  Has had a minimum of two years or three thousand hours of post-master’s degree supervised clinical social work practice under the supervision of a master’s level social worker in an appropriate clinical setting, as determined by the contractor.
Note:  Patients who have organic medical problems must receive appropriate concurrent management by a physician.
2.2  Mental health services provided by CSWs are subject to the limitations on psychiatric procedures.
- END -
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