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TRICARE Policy Manual 6010.60-M, April 1, 2015
Chapter 11
Section 12.2
Qualified Accreditation Organization
Issue Date:  
Authority:  32 CFR 199.2
1.0  ISSUE
What criteria must be met in order to be recognized as a qualified accreditation organization under TRICARE for Corporate Service Providers?
A qualified accreditation organization is a not-for-profit corporation or foundation that:
2.1  Develops process standards and outcome standards for health care delivery programs, or knowledge standards and skill standards for health care professional certification testing, using experts both from within and outside of the health care program area or individual specialty to which the standards are to be applied;
2.2  Creates measurable criteria that demonstrate compliance with each standard;
2.3  Publishes the organization’s standards, criteria and evaluation processes so that they are available to the general public;
2.4  Performs on-site evaluations of health care delivery programs, or provides testing of individuals, to measure the extent of compliance with each standard;
2.5  Provides on-site evaluation or individual testing on a national or international basis;
2.6  Provides to evaluated programs and tested individuals time-limited written certification of compliance with the organization’s standards;
2.7  Excludes certification of any program operated by an organization which has an economic interest in the accreditation organization or in which the accreditation organization has an economic interest;
2.8  Publishes promptly the certification outcomes of each program evaluation or individual test so that it is available to the general public; and
2.9  Has been found to apply standards, criteria, and certification processes which reinforce TRICARE provider authorization requirements and promote efficient delivery of TRICARE benefits.
- END -
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