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10 USC 55 (DHA Version)

Each TRICARE Manual posted on the website incorporates all published changes. Although changes are published, they are not implemented by the contractors until they receive direction to do so by the Contracting Officer. Title 10 (Armed Forces) -> Subtitle A (General Military Law) -> Part II (Personnel) -> Chapter 55 (Medical And Dental Care)
This version is generated from the most recent official version made available by the US House of Representatives (
USC Classification Tables ( provide section updates for each session of Congress.
  • January 3, 2007 Edition
    Last Updated: June 27, 2018
    Most Recent Change Number: Change 9
    The January 3, 2007 edition of the 10 USC 55 (DHA Version) is available on-line.
    All future changes will be published to this edition.


    Page Count: 518
    USC Classification Table, 115th, First Session (Public Laws 115-1 through 115-117)
    —Prepared by Office of the Law Revision Counsel, U.S. House of Representatives (January 12, 2018).
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